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2.2. Brush and Leaf Pickup Procedures


Each year, Public Works provides brush and leaf pickup services for Village residents.  Brush is picked up year-round and leaves are picked up November through February. The crew moves continuously throughout the Village year-round.
In order to make it more efficient for everyone, residents are no longer required to call in their pick-up requests. Public Works moves continuously which means they will visit each neighborhood within the Village and remove the debris. Please place brush and leaves into separate piles.
Public Works will start in Kahite and work through each neighborhood on their way to Coyatee.
If the crews get through the Village, they will start over again.
Brush should be at least three feet long, no more than six inches in diameter, and free from any metal objects. Piles should be placed along the street right-of-way in front of your home. No household trash, building material, grass clippings, shrubs or metal items will be picked up.
*REMINDER: brush not placed in the street right-of-way in front of your home will not be picked up. Please separate brush and leaves into separate piles.
Once again, no calls are required; simply put your brush out in your neighborhood and it will be picked up. We hope this process will make the brush removal system easier and more efficient for all residents. 
Leaves should be placed in the right-of-way in front of your home and it will be picked up. Public Works will not take leaves if they are bagged.
If you have any questions about this procedure, call the Public Works office at (865) 458-4522.
*NOTE: While the goal is to pick up all brush and leaves in all neighborhoods each month, we may be slightly behind schedule due to the amount of brush or leaves. However, we will continue the route until it is completed and then we will start over. Please be patient and we will pick up the debris as soon as possible.



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